Is namhaid an cheird gan í a fhoghlaim.
The craft is an enemy when not learned.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weeks 27-28: Writing the Climax

So, we decided to skip a week of exercises. Not a week of posts, though. The set of exercises that comes between the "Scene and Sequence" and the "Writing the Climax" sections were essentially repeats of things we've done before. We read them, talked about them, and decided the answers weren't worth posting. So. Moving on!

This week, it's all climax all the time.

We split up the exercises so I'm posting parts one and two and Anah will be posting part three later on. Then next week I'll post part four.

These exercises show how the climax will come together, and reflects the changes Anah and I discussed after my revelation two weeks ago. I'm pretty excited about how it's going to come together in Anah's exercise.

The Story So Far: Dianne is happy to do lists, but unhappy to repeat work.

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